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Chroma was created to help companies build sustainable marketing strategies that meet specific goals. Now a team of specialist marketing consultants, we know that every business we work with is unique and are committed to creating solutions that reflect this.

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Our Team

Laura Norman

Lead Marketing Consultant

Mary Smith headshot

Mary Smith

Operations Director

Gill Hudson headshot

Gill Hudson

Associate Copywriter

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Laura Norman

Managing Director / Lead Marketing Consultant

Mary Smith headshot

Mary Smith

Operations Director

Our Pillars

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When you run a small business, marketing isn’t always your top priority. 

That’s why we focus on sustainable strategies that will help you to work less but achieve more. 

Our team of specialist marketing consultants will come up with solutions that support you in meeting your current aims as well as working towards long-term goals.


The more you understand about the way marketing strategies work, the more confident and capable you and your team will feel about delivering them. 

Our expert knowledge and training techniques will ensure that your business can keep producing, actioning and improving your own marketing plans.

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No business is an island, especially if you’re a small team or going it alone. 

Knowing how to engage with the most active, relevant and beneficial communities can be a huge boost to business. 

Once you understand how you impact on one another, you can form stronger links and build your success.

The Promise

Challenge your thinking

You’ve come to us to solve your problem, so we’re going to need to ask some questions and really get into the nitty gritty of how you work. As marketing consultants it’s our job to get you thinking differently.

This allows us to come up with the creative solutions you want and need. 

Big Picture

Marketing strategies which aren’t underpinned by your business goals and objectives don’t work. Period.

To deliver something which gives you the results you’ve been dreaming of, our job is to really understand exactly what that dream is and use it to drive our work.

Effective and efficient

We are all about getting effective results in the most efficient way. You don’t need us coming to you with all our ideas and that resulting in more on your to do list.

We’re here to help bring creative ideas, while setting up systems and processes to help manage the results properly.

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