Helping organisations grow by providing brilliant, effective marketing support.

Laura Norman
Founder, Chroma Marketing
Marketing Support and Strategy Delivery with Chroma Marketing

Helping organisations grow by providing brilliant, effective marketing support.

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Social Media

Almost all businesses now have a presence on social media, so it’s important to ensure your platforms are achieving your objectives effectively. Whether you need a coach to guide you through your campaigns, or a social media manager to implement content strategies using the best tools, we can help you. 


Event planning & management leads to your consumer having an experience, which research shows leads to a legacy. This legacy must be positive. Building an idea from a concept, through to delivery, we work with businesses across a variety of industries providing experiential marketing through events, within their wider marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing & advertising work in line with company objectives to connect with the community surrounding a business. Whether this is on a global scale, or more tailored to local marketing initiatives, it is important to form a strategy based on a fully researched, balanced marketing mix, which is regularly reviewed & adapted to maintain effectiveness.


Marketing for small or medium sized businesses in the digital age can be confusing and very time consuming. Knowing which way to turn, whilst maximising return on investment is even harder.

Of smaller managed businesses use social media


Utilising professional knowledge and support to deliver a targeted marketing strategy enables business growth, and allows everyone involved to focus on their strengths.

Of marketers feel live events are critical to success


Whether growth in online community, sales, increased visibility or campaign awareness we’ll use the marketing strategy to reach milestones based on company objectives.


The first thing we’ll do is meet over coffee and get to know you properly.


Plans are not of much use if they don’t lead towards your end goal.